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Use Virtual Blackboard and redefine the new way of writing and drawing without pen and paper.

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Virtual Blackboard V 1.1 ~ $49.99USD

Hits: 141063 | Category: Virtual Blackboard
It is a unique and innovative educational cum presentation tool with new functionalities which have never been covered before. This product is a blending of writing, presentation and drawing tool. It is conceived to help the users in their presentation and teaching for better explanation on the screen. It can be operated through remote. It is useful for professionals, teachers, parents, students...
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Virtual Blackboard Libraries ~ $0.00USD

Hits: 19442 | Category: Virtual Blackboard
These libraries will be visible through Virtual Blackboard. You have the advantage of selecting your subject specific backgrounds so that it will save your effort of getting them from other sources or making your subject related backgrounds. We will provide libraries for different categories/subjects. We will be adding more and more subject/topic related backgrounds as per common requests and th...
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